Who We Are

Every family has a story and every person has a part to play in how that story unfolds.

New Life Church is a FOURSQUARE CHURCH located in Bakersfield, CA. James and Lydia Ranger have been the Lead Pastors for the past 29 years and have grown the church from 45 members to over 6500 active members. We are a “Recovery Church,” meaning that we believe every person who comes to New Life, no matter where they are in their faith journey, will be able to find hope, healing and a place of belonging at New Life. There are no perfect people at New Life, but a lot of people who are recovering from their imperfection.

Our church is full of sinners. And you know what? That’s exactly the way Jesus wants it. May God’s grace abound through our imperfections.
(Matthew 9:13 NIV) (Via Facebook)

Vincent O.

This is not only church, but a hospital for the hurting, and the sick… God, definitely dwells at New Life Church.  (Via Facebook)

Bea N.