The Connect Class

Helping you to get connected to the life of New Life Church.

Connect-ClassConnect is your starting point.

The CONNECT ministry is the “gateway” into New Life Church for all new attendees, the churched and un-churched alike. It is the entry point into church membership, discipleship, and servant hood. Upon completion, the new members can then attend and serve wherever they choose; whether in a Life Group, support group, or other church ministry.


What is Connect All About?

CONNECT is designed to make it easy for you to understand NLC’s vision, our values as a church, and how you can get involved. Over the 4 weekly sessions; you will learn about New Life Church, yourself, and serving Jesus Christ as part of our church family. Come find out if NLC is the place for you! The four classes include: 1. Starting Point, 2. Spiritual Growth, 3. Finding Your Place, and 4. Getting Involved.


“My greatest fulfillment comes when I see people and families restored because they trusted in the Lord, learned His word, and developed healthy relationships with other believers. Then, with loving hearts, they start helping others. That is the essence of discipleship. CONNECT is the beginning of that process at NLC.

The CONNECT Team helps all new members move from the sideline to the frontline, where they will fulfill their God-designed works of ministry. As we serve those that God brings to us, our team will help strengthen NLC and impact the very culture of our church for many years to come.”

Joey Mendonca

Connect Ministry Leader

Want to Serve with Connect?

Our goal is that we not only teach and inspire our attendees, but that we build relationships in all directions, and integrate new members into active body life.

This ministry is the doorway into NLC, so it will leave tremendous first impressions. It is therefore, critical that our teachers are some of the best communicators at NLC and that they will all have a sense of ownership and commitment to NLC. I hope to have many teaching teams who can rotate over the course of the ministry season.

We are also looking for people to help us facilitate “Table Talk” during our classes, and maybe even start a Life Group through the relationships built in CONNECT. Life Group Pastors Richard and Toni Johnson are actively assisting us in this effort. I hope to get help from the School of Ministry as well.

If you’d like to serve in the Connect Ministry, please complete the contact form on this page, and we’ll get you “connected.”

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