Connect Day

Join us for Connect Day! This is a moment for you to engage into your church’s story and become a part of the family.
Happening at every campus on 10/15.
Here at New Life Church, our greatest joy is to celebrate lives being changed and to see people take their next steps in their spiritual journey. Also, if you’ve never become a member here at New Life, or if you’ve never been water baptized, then CONNECT DAY is the perfect opportunity for you.
This will be a chance to take our CONNECT ONE class, and to walk out of that class, a member of New Life Church. In fact, if you’ve already taken the CONNECT ONE class, all four of our CONNECT Classes will be offered at the same time, so you take whichever class is next in your spiritual journey.

Connect Day Baptism!

On CONNECT DAY, we would love for you to take the next step in your spiritual journey by being baptized on CONNECT DAY!

Baptism is perhaps the most recognizable ceremony in the Christian faith. It is the outward expression of the inner decision to follow Christ. When a person is submerged in the water, it is as if their old, self-oriented identity is being laid to rest and the person who emerges is a new person altogether.

Baptism Form