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Life is better together. We are better together.
  • “I can’t say enough about our retreat this year. Having Margaret Feinberg talk to us about the power of joy, welcoming two emerging young worship leaders to bring us before Jesus, and living in the expectation of real relational connection makes me overwhelmed with joy! On behalf of Pastor Wendy Nolasco and all the team resourcing you at this retreat, please let me say a great big “can’t wait to see you!” – Erica Moyer

    We have lots of fun planned for our times together at Old Oak Ranch. And most importantly, I know Jesus is waiting there for us to arrive, already having arranged the things he has in store for us. So, I encourage you to get your registration in as quickly as possible. Let’s fight back with joy! Pastor Susan Pinkston

    Sign up now for the CPD 2016 Women’s Retreat Week 1, October 14-16 at Old Oak Ranch.

We believe in YOU, as woman, sister, daughter, friend, wife, confident and creation of God! We believe God had great things in mind when he shaped you. You are captivating in every way and you reflect the image of God. We see the potential that resides within you. We are invested in nurturing that potential and watching it blossom for the glory of Jesus.

New Life’s Women’s ministry is not any ordinary ministry. Life is better together. We are better together. We exist to serve you, inspire you, invest in you & watch you become the woman God has designed you to be. You are not an afterthought….you are precisely why we do what we do.

We are waiting to know your name, see your beautiful face and meet you heart to heart.


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Erica Moyer

Erica Moyer

Women's Ministry Director