We welcome you. We invite you in. We create desirable experiences to glorify Jesus. Simply.

As a church, “We exist to bring them in, build them up, train them for and send them out, all for the glory of Jesus Christ.”  The creative team is directly responsible for welcoming people into the family of God through use of creative arts including:  Worship, Lights, Video Production and Sound.


Make a Difference: That others might see Jesus.

The Creative team is making an eternal difference in the lives of each person who enters into our worship centers.  Our job is simple: remove distractions, and create an experience that allows people to both meet, and grow in their relationship with Jesus.  Members of our creative production team are responsible for every facet of the experience our guests have when they enter our worship center.  Every piece of our worship service is thought through: from the atmosphere of lighting, to the sounds they hear through our speakers, to the words and faces they see on the screens.   Our job is creating an environment where all of those elements work seamlessly to help each man, woman or child meet Jesus when they come to our worship services.


We need you!

Our weekend services are run entirely by volunteers—and that’s just the way we like it!  The Creative team is looking for teachable, willing volunteers to help with our live production.  These roles are vital to the health and vitality of our weekend worship experiences—and we’re looking for volunteers to partner with this ministry effort.  We offer monthly trainings to allow you to learn the ropes prior to stepping into a weekend experience—and to see if the creative team is a good fit for you.

Contact the Team

Ready to serve on the Creative Team?  Have a question for us?

Technical Director & Computer Tech

Operates the video switching board in the video booth. Directly responsible for what appears on the screen. Follows direction from the Director. Communicates over comm with the camera operators and lets them know when he is coming to them, when they are live, and when they are clear.  Computer tech– operates the iMac in the Video Booth. They are responsible for displaying lyrics, message notes, videos, slides, etc for the Technical Director to put on the screens.

Camera Operators

We operate several cameras during each of our worship services that allow people both on-campus, as well as our LiveStream community to follow along with what is happening.  Our Camera operators work on a camera at the FoH for entirety of service. They take direction from the Director and Technical Director. These individuals must have steady hands and the ability to stay focused for an entire service without being distracted.

Live Sound Production

Our sound technicians mix our sound for our live audience as well as our LiveStream community.

Worship Team

Our worship teams lead us in worship music during each of our services.  This team also includes the stage team that keeps our stage organized and visually appealing.

Worship Team

Lighting Technician

Operates the lighting board for the entire worship center. Follows the cues from the Director. Responsible for turning on the system before services and shutting it down after services are over. This person has some freedom in selecting colors and chases to help set the mood during worship.