Over the 2018 season any move made by our church was one done by the guiding of the Holy Spirit and focused on our foundational goal, to reach people for Jesus. Our mission as a church is to Know God, Be Restored, Uncover Purpose and Live Sent. This simple, yet powerful, mission is what resonates throughout everything we do. 

Let this report be a reminder of where we have been and how God has blessed our community. The numbers you see are not just ink on a page or pixels on a screen but souls, marriages, families, and our community leaning into the life-transforming message of Jesus.

Thank you for partnering with New Life in 2018. We are honored to be a part of the vision God has for our community. We pray, through our never ending pursuit to reach the one, our  influence will continue as we grow and spread.

We love you, New Life!

Your friends,

James & Lydia

New Life Church Lead Pastors