Hear how Israel Changed Destiny’s life

Join us for an amazing, life-changing trip to the Holy Land next February 21-March 2, 2018. See the places you read about in the bible come to life and gain a deeper understanding of where Jesus stood. This will be a trip for any and everyone wanting to get a deeper understanding of their bible.
The cost is $3300.00
(includes airfare from LAX, Hotel for 8 nights in Israel (10 day trip), breakfast & dinner while staying at the hotel, transportation to and from the airport and to all sites throughout Israel. – Not included, transportation to LAX airport, tips to guide and driver, and lunches.)
Deadlines to know:
Deposit of $300 to reserve seat.
Deposit is no longer refundable: November 1, 2017
Paid in full deadline by: December 15, 2017

Israel Trip 2018

Use the button above to pay for your deposit and or payments towards your trip. Please note a $300.00 deposit is needed to guarantee your spot. After the deposit, payments of any amount are able to be made from the button above.

See the day by day breakdown:

Day 1
Depart from LAX airport 0700am (Air Canada)
Day 2
Arrive in Tel-Aviv at 10:15am
Hotel in Tel-Aviv; 1st choice Dan Panorama, 2nd choice King Solomon Hotel
Day 3

Depart from Tel-Aviv. 

 Drive to Joppa

  • Visit the outside of a church where Peter raised Dorcas from the dead. 
  • This is also the location where Jonah set sail in the wrong direction.


  • Caesarea is where the Holy Spirit first fell on the Gentiles namely Cornelius and his family.  Salvation and the Spirit of God are for everyone.  To all who came to Him, He gave them the Right to be children of God. 
  • This is also where Paul testified before several governors.  Let’s tell our story wherever we are.  We don’t need to have the entire bible memorized.  We just need to share what God has done in our lives. 

 Lunch at Caesarea 

 Stop at Mt. Carmel

  • Elijah’s showdown with prophets of Baal.  
  • The site of Armageddon. 
  • Our ultimate victory in Christ will take place here.  
  • Encouragement: Galatians 6:9 “Do not grow weary in doing good, at the right time you will reap a harvest”. 

 Nazareth Village

  • Nazareth Village will provide guide and will teach us. 

 Synagogue where Jesus read from the scroll. 

  • Jesus picked up the scroll and read from Isaiah…
  • Encouragement: Preach the word… our culture is influencing the church and we must be committed to preaching the word. 


  • The first miracle where Jesus turned the water into wine. 
  • Encouragement:  Jesus can turn our bad situations to good.  The real heroes were the servants who brought the water to Jesus and then took the transformed wine to the master.  As we serve Jesus, WE will see the miracles.  

 Whatever is not completed on this day will be moved to the next day.

 Hotel in Tiberius; 1st Leonardo, 2nd Rimonim 

Day 4

Boat ride across the Sea of Galilee

  • Play Oceans and other songs. 
  • Encouragement: He still controls the wind and waves.  Whatever you are facing, He is still the God of miracles. 
  • See boat that is 2,000 years old. 

 Visit Mount of Beatitudes

  • Jesus’s longest recorded sermon.  The most important part that ties it all together is the last few verses that say, if you hear these words and put them into practice…. 
  • Encouragement:  Be a doer of the word


 Visit Caesarea Philippi

  • This region had many false god and idols.  Many Greek gods were worshipped in this area.  
  • Here Peter declares, you are the Christ the son of the living God. 

 Visit Capernaum

  • Many miracles were performed in Capernaum, however, we focused on the story of Levi the tax collector. Levi was a name handed down from the Levites thus predestining someone to be a priest.  Instead of being a priest Levi was a tax collector.  Tax collector were known and treated as traitors of Israel and were hated by all.  Here Jesus sees the good in Levi and calls him to be his disciple. 
  • Encouragement: Do not forget where we came from.  At one time we were all foolish and disobedient, however, we were saved by God’s grace.  Don’t forget what God has saved you from.  God your potential for good and rescued you.


  • At Tabgha Jesus multiplied the fish and the loaves. We learned that we can give God whatever we have and he can use it to further His Kingdom.  Everyone has a gift and every gift is needed.  Don’t think that your gift or contribution to the kingdom of God is not making a difference.  Entrust what you have to God and watch him do great things. 
We drove back to the Cesar hotel and spent the night.

 Hotel in Tiberius; Leonardo or Rimonim 

 Group Preparations;

  • We leave tomorrow morning at 8am. 
  • Wear your swimsuit if you want to be baptized in the Jordan River (Yardenit). 
  • Wear or pack your swimsuit and change of clothes separately if you want to swim in the Dead Sea (End of Day)
Day 5

Drive to Yardenit

  • Baptize in Jordan River. 

 Drive to Jericho

  • Buffet Lunch available
  • Shopping, souvenirs available
  • Cable car to the mount of temptations. 
  • Encouragement: Jericho is all about victory.  Children of Israel conquered this first city and Jesus overcame temptation here.  No sin or temptation has overtaken you.  God’s grace is sufficient for you.  God will always make a way out.  We hide God’s word in our heart to win the victory.  


  • See a video about the dead sea scrolls, discovered in the caves

 Dead Sea

  • Float in the dead sea

 NOTE: The Sabbath begins tonight, cold dinner. 

 Check into Jerusalem Hotel, The Grand Court or Olive Tree

Day 6


  • Nativity of Christ (Church)
  • Shepherds Field
    • We heard a great message about the innkeeper who had no room for Jesus and pushed him outside to the cave/manger. We must be careful not to clutter our lives with busyness so that Jesus is not pushed out from the center. 
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Buffet Lunch in Bethlehem

 Back to Jerusalem, visit Israeli Museum

  • We will see a scaled model of Jerusalem and will learn about the dead sea scrolls. 

 Yad Vashem

  • Allow people to visit the museum at their leisure.   
  • Meet back at certain time…. 

 Back to Hotel in Jerusalem

 Walk the Western Tunnels at night

Day 7


 Free-time for the rest of the day

 Back to Hotel in Jerusalem

Walk into Old City and to Mammilla Mall

Day 8

Mt. of Olives

  • Take a group picture with Jerusalem in background. 

 Walk down Palm Sunday Road

 Tomb of the Prophets

  • 3 prophets’ Haggai, Micah, Zechariah

 Church of Dominus Flevit.  (this is where Jesus wept over the city)

  • I shared a devotional about Gethsemane.  Gethsemane means oil press.  Here Jesus prayed 3 times to the father asking him to take the cup from him.  He was overcome with sorrow and his sweat was like drops of blood.  Jesus pressed through in prayer.  As we encounter difficult times in our lives we are to press through in prayer. 

 The Mt. of Olives (Gethsemane) was a place of difficult but then became a place of victory.  Jesus ascended into heaven from the Mt. of Olives and will return there.  Jesus takes our mourning and turns it into dancing.  Our sorrow will turn to joy if we press in and pray like Jesus did. 

 Enter the old city through the Lions Gate also known as St. Stephens gate. 

  • This is traditionally known as the place of the first martyr Stephen. 

 Visit the Pool of Bethesda and St. Anne’s church.

  • At the church we sang a couple of songs and enjoyed the beautiful acoustics of the building. 
  • At the pool of Bethesda Jesus asked the paralyzed man do you want to get well?  Jesus asks us the same question today, do you want to get well.  Becoming well is not automatic.  We must make choices to forgive and to let go.  We must choose to love and not hold on to hurts.  Jesus said that because of the increase of wickedness the love of most will grow cold.  Don’t let your love grow cold on account of being hurt… choose to forgive. 

 Ecche Omo meaning “this is the man”

  • This is where Jesus was condemned to die.  This is where the Romans beat and whipped him mercilessly.  We read Isaiah 53 talking about the suffering servant.  Jesus took our pain and condemnation. 

 Walk down the Via Del a Rosa, which means the way of suffering

  • This walk is now filled with many Arab shops. 

 The Prison of Christ

  • walk down several flights of stairs and visit a dungeon/prison that could have been the place where Christ was held. 

 The Garden Tomb

  • Here we saw a cliff with an image of  a skull on it.  Golgotha means the place of the skull. 
  • Visit the empty tomb that may have been the one where Christ was laid. 

 Back to Jerusalem Hotel

Day 9

Visit Temple Mount

  • Site of Mt. Moriah, where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac. 
  • The site of the fist & second temple. 
  • The site of the final temple. 

 Visit Temple Institute

  • Everything is ready for the next temple. 

 Visit and lunch in Jewish Quarter 

 Visit Upper Room

  • Last supper with disciples and the place of Pentecost (50)

 Last Night in Jerusalem Hotel, prepare for departure. 

Day 10

Plane leaves at 11:55.