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Men's Influencer's Journey

Host: Ron Kochen & Steve Sanford
When: Wednesday 6-7:30pm  
Where: Northwest KidLife       



Host: Cynthia Claiborne & Jennifer Garcia
When: Wednesday 6-7:30pm 
Where: Northwest (Room 4)
Info: March 1st-April 19th

Women's Journey to the Inner Chamber

Host: Dana Martin
When: Monday 6-7:30pm  
Where: Dana's Home
Info: Starts March 13th

Mature Singles

Host: Cynthia Alipio
When: Saturday 4-6pm 
Where: Cynthia's Home
Info: February 26th (Book-On Your Knees)

Couples & Singles

Host: Glen & Cathy Moss
When: Sunday 6:30-8pm  
Where: Glen & Cathy's Home
Info: Starts February 26th (Book-Power in Praise)                                           


Host: Liz & Lee Mitchell
When: Friday 6:30-8pm  
Where: Liz & Lee's Home
Info: Starts March 3rd (Book-Marriage on the Rock)                                           


Host: Jason Cosby
When: Friday 7pm  
Where: Jason's Home
Info: Starts March 3rd

Financial Peace University

Host: Herb Taylor
When: Sunday 4pm  
Where: Northwest (Room 3)
Info: Starts February 26th   


Host: Joe & Elizabeth Garza
When: Tuesday 6-7:30pm  
Where: Joe & Elizabeth's Home
Info: Starts March 14th

Game Night

Host: Scott & Jennifer Garcia
When: Monday 7pm  
Where: Scott & Jennifer's Home
Info: Starts February 20th        

Junior High

Host: Gabe Garcia & Katie Sedenko
When: Wednesday 6-7:30pm  
Where: Northwest (Room 5)
Info: Starts March 29th    

Young Adults

Host: Pastors Guy & Ashley Hoss
When: Sunday 6:30-8pm  
Where: Southwest   

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