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It’s no secret—people in America deal with a ton of anxiety and stress around money.

In just the last year, nearly 60% of Americans admitted they worry about their finances every day. 1 

(That’s over 100 million people in America alone who live in fear about money.)

But this may come as a surprise. . .For most Americans it’s not actually an income problem.

It’s a spending problem. 

Here’s what I mean. Think about the last time you were sitting at a stop light and that guy in his shiny Range Rover or BMW pulled up next to you. Sure, he looked great, but here’s what you couldn’t see: his $1,400 car payment (the size of his mortgage), a mountain of credit card debt . . . and the feeling he’s drowning because his income can’t keep up with his lavish lifestyle.

This is reality for most Americans. Living their “best life” on Instagram while secretly drowning in debt.

In fact, get this. One of our Ramsey coaches, Lisa, recently told me her client—whose household income was $400,000. Well, guess what? They were struggling to pay their bills. Yep, their income was nearly half a million dollars per year and they still couldn’t pay their bills! Like I said, Americas got a spending problem.

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