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Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

We believe that relationship with others is integral to finding your place in Christ and the church. Life groups are the perfect way to have that close community within the larger family of New Life Church. In every stage of life and for every season, there's a life group. Your next best friends are excited to meet you!

Things Jesus Never Said Life Group Questions

11/10 - You Won’t Have Bad Days

•What are some benefits of a faith that’s been tested?
•What are some ways you can start embracing trials as opportunities to strengthen your faith?
•How can we help other people find peace in the midst of pain?


11/17 -  Go Do What Makes You Happy - Communion Wknd.

•Are there any areas of your life where you’ve been looking for happiness in the wrong place?
•Think about the temptations you face. How can you use those temptations as an invitation to depend on God more?
•How can you take what you’ve learned about temptation and help others who might be struggling with it?


11/24 - You Don’t Need To Forgive Them

•What kind of behavior do you find the most annoying, online or in-person?
•What grudges are you having difficulty letting go of?
•How do you forgive something that seems unforgivable?