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Monday, August 24

Prayer Focus:

Today most of our kids are returning back to school. As they step into this new season, we want to cover them in prayer. Today we will be praying over children as they start this new school year, and we will also be lifting up the parents and grandparents who are helping to teach their kids.



Father, you are our God in Heaven. You are hearing our prayers right now as we pray in the authority of Jesus’ name. We speak blessings over our sons and daughters. Blessings over our families and our children as they start this new season of education. Jesus these are not normal times. Our families and our community need your blessing Lord, they need your favor. So we ask you from Heaven to put your hand of blessing on our kids. Father, we pray for the parents. We pray blessings of wisdom for the parents to know how to guide their kids through this new season of education. We pray for grandparents that you would grant them your favor. Come Holy Spirit and bless. We pray this in Jesus’ name – Amen!