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Saturday, February 20

I See In You



The man said, ‘Your name will no longer be Jacob. You have wrestled with God and with men, and you have won. That’s why your name will be Israel.’” Genesis 32:28



God sees things in us that we can’t always see. Throughout scripture, we see Him calling out gifts in people that they couldn’t see, and even giving them a new name to align with their true identity or calling. It’s a beautiful and powerful thing to have God call out things in us that we didn’t even recognize were there.



Sometimes, God uses us to have the, “I see in you,” conversations with others. Prophetic declarations are a powerful gift we can give to others. If you feel like God gives you that type of revelation for someone in your life, let Him use you to speak that over them.



Lord, thank you for seeing so much more potential in me than I often can see in myself. I want to be a tool that you can use to speak that life over others. I am open to whatever you want me to do or say Lord. Amen.