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Tuesday, August 11


“David asked the Lord, ‘Should I go and attack them?’ ‘Yes, go and save Keilah,’ the Lord told him.” 1 Samuel 23:2



There are many things you could do each day. But when you ask the Lord “could I” prayers, you’re asking for permission instead of inviting the power of the Kingdom of God to be unleashed into your life. When you ask God “should I” instead, you’re asking for more than just a “yes” or a “no”, as we see when David prays. Sometimes the Lord answered him “yes” or “no”, but often He gave him instruction as well. Let’s shift today from praying “could I” prayers, to asking the Lord “should I” instead.



Practice praying “should I” prayers today. “God should I begin this relationship? Should I take this job? Should I talk to my child about this thing that I’ve noticed?”



Lord I want the full power of your Kingdom unleashed in my life. Help me to remember to pray “should I” prayers today.