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KidLife At Home!

It is our heart and vision to stay connected with your child(ren) during this time. We have some really fun ways for your child(ren) to stay connected and engaged. You can find more on our website at

Here at New Life, we believe the next generation is the future of the Church. Here are some resources you can use at home to help your child(ren) grow spiritually. Attached are some documents that go along with our Sunday lessons. We have been praying for all our families here at New Life. We’re so thankful for technology and its ability to keep us all connected as a church family. As you know, community is our culture here at New Life so, whether we meet in a building, in our homes, or through technology, God is with us. He is our loving Father who is leading and directing our steps as we lean into our families, teach God’s word, and stand on His promises and truth.

We love you New Life and are praying for you!

Your KidLife Team