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Friday, March 26




“I am thirsty.” John 19:28-29



During the crucifixion, those on the cross experienced extreme thirst as they bled and suffered in the heat. Jesus had refused a drink early on in his crucifixion as it contained some pain killers. Instead, he experienced the full suffering of death on the cross. 



Whatever suffering you have experienced, or are currently experiencing, know that your Jesus understands. Trust that relief is on the way and that you simply must make your needs known to God who is always listening and is the answer in every single circumstance.  



Lord, In those times of suffering (whether physical, relational, or otherwise), help me to come to you with expectancy that you are with me, and relief is on the way. Help me to trust you in the midst of the times where my suffering just doesn’t make sense. I know that your word says that, ‘all things work toward the good of those who love The Lord’. I declare now that I truly, truly love you and; therefore, I put my trust in you.   Amen