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Saturday, March 13

With The Best Of Intention



But the Lord’s plans stand firm forever; His intentions can never be shaken. Psalms 33:11 



The Lord’s plans are full of intentions. Everything He has done and will do is full of His best intentions for us as His children. He is committed to us and nothing can lead Him astray. 



The definition of intention is: An aim or plan. If you mean something, it’s an intention. It is not only a goal but a purpose! Just as God’s purpose is to carry out the plans He has for us, we must also be intentional with our relationship with God and others here on Earth. God has given us two golden rules; Love God and love others. As God loves us, we must love one another and to do that we must be set out to build relationships with a plan in mind. When something matters, you invest. What are you spending your time on? What can you be more intentional about today? Who is God calling you to build relationship with? 



Jesus, we ask that you guide us to love the way you do. Lord, you loved deliberately and freely all the same. That is how we want to love. Nothing distracts you from us. Nothing competes for your time because absolutely nothing can shake you. We lay down all distractions to focus on you and listen to your Holy Spirit. Today, we choose to be intentional about our time with you and our time with one another. Amen.