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What Is School Of Christian Leadership?

To Know God, Be Restored, Uncover Purpose, and Live Sent is the mission of New Life Church.
The School of Christian Leadership is designed to continue developing a personal relationship
with Jesus Christ.

This program is New Life Church’s leadership pipeline. Our goal is to uncover purpose, to train and equip Christian leaders with the tools to influence others for the cause of Jesus.


The Leadership Huddle is for anyone desiring to take their spiritual leadership to the next level in the marketplace & in the church.


Pathways is specifically for those in pastoral leadership development, and those wanting to go deeper in Christian Leadership.

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This certificate program is offered as an extension of New Hope International in partnership with New Hope Christian College, an ABHE nationally accredited institution. The School of Christian Leadership (SCL) certificate is a 15 to 24-month customizable hybrid model, a combination of in-person and online learning, designed to be presented in a local church setting. This certificate program will require approximately 5-hours per week for each course.


Creative Biblical Communication

This course will cover the heart of a communicator, the lifeskill of speaking well, storytelling, word pictures and illustrations, segues and overcoming nervousness, use and abuse of humor, creative programming and framing your message, and the 10 commandments of a communicator.

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Biblical Theology

This course forms the basis of all Christian leadership. Our main course book is the Bible and understanding the plan of God as written in the Scriptures which will establish the spiritual GPS of the SCL course. The session includes Old Testament Survey - Pentateuch, Prophets, and Poets; New Testament Survey, and how to study the Bible (Hermeneutics).

Leadership Essentials

This course forms the basis of all Christian leadership. Courses include: Thinking Like a Leader, Leading Like Jesus, Defining Leadership, Biblical Problem-Solving, Leadership Communication, and a Leader’s devotional life through daily devotions using the SOAP method.


This course will discuss, as 1 Peter 3:15 describes: “To be ready always to give an answer to every man who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you.” The world is asking questions about God, God’s purpose for their existence, why bad things happen to good people, morality, end times, etc.

Church History

This course gives each student a broad understanding of how the modern Church came to be ... from the early church fathers, the Crusades, Reformation, Schisms, denominations, revivals, and even the erosion and compromise of faith in our modern society... the need to comprehend the course of church history is essential to leadership. As one person has once said, “He who is a poor leader of our future, is a poor student of our history.”

Pastoral Practicum

These are the skills and competencies that any pastoral leader will require in carrying out his or her duties. This will include the necessity for each student to lead something – a ministry or a duty – in order to put to use what God has been teaching the student. This course will cover the basics of crafting sermons, weddings, funerals, prayer, etc.

Life Essentials

Whereas the Leadership Essentials course will deal with what a leader does from 8 to 5, this course will explore how leaders must live from 5 to 8. This will cover the fundamental requirements of building godly character, healthy relationships, resilience, inspiration, necessary mentors, marital harmony, family issues, dealing with sin and repentance, and developing godly core values by which we live.

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School Of Christian Leadership

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